Restaurant promotion ideas

Restaurant promotions ideas that work

Restaurant promotions that work
in the real world

If you don’t know where to start from, this is a good read. We’re going through the oldies but goldies: the promotions that time after time have proven to work. The kind of promotions that you always see in the restaurant menus, plus some consumer statistics.

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Food promotion ideas for restaurants

Targeting: the best way to run your restaurant promotions

People have different motivations for choosing a restaurant. For some it’s the food, for others it’s the price, quality of the service, atmosphere, online ordering and so on. Thus, there are different incentives that will influence their decision. So how do you stimulate sales without leaving money on the table? The answer is: Targeting promotions for each specific objective.

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Menu promotion idea to maximize your profits

Success story: Punjabi Palace

Every Wednesday, Punjabi makes online almost as much as in the entire rest of the week. They run a promotion called “Wacky Wednesday Curry” that has become very popular among Punjabi’s clients. How did they do it? Smit Shah shares the story.

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