Every Wednesday, the online orders spike at Punjabi Palace. Watching them grow in a very short time, from having few online orders to hundreds, made us curious to learn about their secret recipe. Smit Shah, Manager at Punjabi, was kind to share the story.

It all started with a good food promotion idea

"Every Wednesday I have been doing $9.95 curry special for any curry in menu, which is usually $12.95 to $14.95, depending on which curry they order", said Smit. "Every day I have been telling customers that if they order online it is cheaper and advised them to do so, especially on Wednesdays, to get the $9.95 specials."

Growing the email base

"I had existing client emails in my database and also every new client ordering online was asked to join our Wednesday’s special program." Slowly but surely, all clients got the point: "on Wednesdays we order the special curry".

Happy customers become loyal customers

The food was great and the ordering system worked smoothly, so the Wednesday clients started to order more frequently. After a while, they became loyal clients of Punjabi’s and they also recommend the restaurant to their friends.

Getting a lot with very little

If you’re curious to see the promotion, here it is: a simple message, a good image and a clear call to action.

Punjabi restaurant Wednesday food promo

The number of clients grew, the number of orders per customer grew, but guess what: so did the average order value. How can this be? A simple trick that Smit shared with us:

"We’ve placed the categories like drinks and dessert on top of the $9.95 curries, so the clients end up spending more on sides. Our average tickets have stayed the same and also our profits, as they are buying more sides." In addition, the costs went down, as taking orders online is much more effective!

Lesson learned: you don't need huge marketing budget to get a serious online business. Just a good idea executed right.